Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What are my priorities?

I have been pretty reflective lately. Possibly for a while now. Why? I'm not sure. Perhaps it is the 'time of the month' (though having said that, it's been monthsssss); perhaps it's the big changes we're going through which impacts our lifestyle, our finances, our life expectations, our ambitions, our children... everything is inter-related and I guess with things rolling about, I'm getting mildly terrified of it rolling out of control.

That's one perspective.

The other, is that things are extremely exciting and there is so much to look forward to; because change - while unsettling - can also be viewed as terribly amazing!

I guess I toggle between the two, depending on my mood. I still feel this gap within sometimes, wondering what it is that makes me feel so unsettled.  I then turn to emotional eating which, while it's a guilty pleasure, it is not necessary; especially if done excessively.

I wonder, what drives me? What makes me happy? Perhaps, it need not be so tough. Perhaps I should just focus on what my true priorities are (I say true, because it's not 'seemingly' important priorities that garner short-term gratification which can blindside me. But truly important ones that fulfills) - and just focus on those that make me happy.

If I remember right, I had this same resolution (or something along the same lines) for 2 years: Don't sweat the small stuff. I don't think I have been practising that.

Oh, my mind is so full of such random thoughts. I need to simplify and focus on my true priorities.

For starters, I know who really matters.

My everything

That's a good start point, an anchor that cannot go wrong, because family is always the right/best choice.

Guess I'll keep muddling along, and figure it out. One day at a time.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Last Friday, just because I was on leave

It was the eve of the husband going off, and we both took leave to accomplish important adult matters. Because, however, of my late night, the husband stepped in to do school run with the girl, and I managed to wake up in time to drop this boy at school.

Botak 1 and botak 2

After the morning of adulting, the husband and I managed a quick lunch; then it was still early for child pick-up, so we did a supermarket run together. Nothing sexier than supermarketing in broad daylight!
And they say romance is dead. Heh.

The afternoon snooze button really hit and after picking the girl, both she and I dozed off on the drive home where the husband braved snooze to pick the boy up.

After washing up and resting some, we headed out. I had major plans of a picnic, or scootering with the kids... but decided that simple was best.


We strolled along the river, while the husband had his dinner nearby. We saw beautiful skies, a colourful bridge, lovely trees, the river... and we decided on our dinner spot because it housed a temporary jumping castle. Ha! Important factors in making critical decisions! While the children jumped the castle, I ordered our dinner. They also explored the area; quite extensively, I say.

Girls can climb trees too!
And boys can sit still to draw too.

The boy did a lovely drawing of this scenery, with his interpretation of the trees, buildings, people on hoverboards, tiny boats... it was adorable. We had a fancy dinner and I wish to say the night ended well, but it did not. I was hit by 'convection current ala- the-worst-tummyache-ever-where-I-broke-out-in-cold-sweat-feel-faint-type-of-pain' - and thankfully, the husband was close enough to pick all of us up safely. There came a point my head was spinning so badly I thought I was going to faint. (On this note, I have actually fainted from this tummy hit before, so my worry was legit.)

Thankfully, the husband rescued us all and while he continued packing into the night for his flight out the next morning; I crashed into bed, nursing my sore tummy.

The end.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

He did it again!

The husband is now in the Philippines. For the second year, he has signed up to participate in the Ironman 70.3. No pics, because no one is there with the husband.

But, it has to be recorded that he went, and he conquered.

I was worrying about him because (1) everything seemed so rushed (2) he didn't seem to have trained consistently (3) no one is there with him at all (no fellow friends racing alongside, no cheerleaders).

However, it all worked out very well. Two days before he left, he said to me, "I feel good. I didn't train as much, I know, but I feel strong." Perhaps, it really is all a mind game.

So proud of his amazing efforts, nearly inhuman to be able to keep the body moving non-stop for 7 hours straight; and even prouder that he fared better than last year.

Good job baby, we are so proud of you.

Flashback to Ironman 70.3 in 2016

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sophistication (ok, not really)

When you are stuck with work late into the night but needed to get home to have dinner because 10pm already and was hungry; you make your way home with work.

Then try to find ways to make the night better by giving yourself a treat; but because working so did not want to get your fingers dirty.

This happens.

Ended up sleeping only at 1+am. So tired!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Majulah Singapura

So, after our top-notch seats to catch fireworks, this little boy was obviously inspired.

Spectators on the floating platform, watching the performer (perform) and
throwing confetti (he said 'powder'), with speakers (top right, he said 'radio')
and fireworks.

It shows me the observational ability of the child, how he discovers this form of expression unguided (I actually chased him away so I could do homework with the girl and he came back with this) and seeing his face gleam with pride, makes me so proud.

These moments make me happy!

Monday, July 31, 2017


For several weeks, I wanted to bring the kids to enjoy the fireworks that comes along with National Day rehearsals. For the 2nd year, we did not manage to score tickets (boo) and I think being able to enjoy the fireworks is a nice-to-have consolation prize.

It was just as well that my initial plans for fireworks watching did not happen, because it was perfect how last Saturday unraveled.

So thankful for the sister and her b for sharing their anniversary dinner with us, as we scored comfortable table and chairs, delicious food and drinks, amazing company and the perfect view (let's not be too technical of how perfect the drone view could be.. ha!). Even my earlier disappointment that the husband had a wedding dinner and could not join us... was uncalled for as he discovered that he had a wedding lunch, not dinner (hah).


Sight for sore eyes.

The children are so blessed to have family who love them so, and I know that I am grateful beyond words to have memory banks filled with such loving sessions.

It was a night worth celebrating too as the sister marked her first wedding anniversary. How quick time has flown, since then.

Feeling grateful for the amazing things in my life and am reminding myself to be happy, because why not?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Last Friday night

My siblings and I are pretty close. This is apparent from our regular meetings, even if just to eat at our parents' on a (mostly) weekly basis. We also make the effort to celebrate occasions together; the most recent being Dad's birthday.

Some weeks back, the brother & his wife invited us to their house for a meal + hangout. What a lovely idea!

The sister and I counted down diligently to the start of the weekend on Friday evening. Hoorah! We had bonus happy hour drinks together, just because!

8pm: dinner. Sumptuous spread.

All of us.

The meal was lovely, the company was nice; we chatted and caught up about nothing much at all; just enjoying the company and food. It felt so nice to just be in a cosy environment where we all felt very happy to be together.

The drinks continued and then we played some games. Speak Out is this hilarious game we played along with a gadget that prevented you from closing your mouth/lips. After some rounds of that, we then moved on to card games.
I'm sorry to feature only the husband but just look at how happy he looks!

The night ended past midnight, just when the sister hit her drunkenness. HA HA. It was a lovely night and I love that we do this, I love that we love.