Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kids Dash 2014

This year, the husband and I both did not run the Stanchart Marathon. No halves, no full, none. Soo... no better opportunity for us both to go again - and let the kids run. 

It was a hot and sunny day

My little muscle-man

Loving my little heroes

It was pretty chaotic, no clear signs or ushers telling us where to go. We just headed to the start pen following the crowd flow. Both were meant to be in different categories, but we sneaked into the same start pen so that we could all be together. 


And off we went! They were both pretty overwhelmed by the people and the crowds, I could tell. The crowd noise, the loud music and microphones were rather scary initially ... but once we went off it was fine.

The kids even managed to run! It was too adorable.

Look at that little bum wiggle
Little action babies

Then the fun ended at the end of this stretch of road. Because there were bottlenecks that made it impossible for us to run, which was a bummer. 


What really mattered though, was that this was a fun family event! I loved how we exposed the kids to some healthy fun activity and both were thrilled with the run. 

Post their (kinda) hard work, we headed to the Kids Zone for them to have some fun.

Spot K
She scored herself a free ticket to the acquarium at Resorts World - well done, baby!

Fetching his own treat
We then taught J how to Q up and get his own fairy floss. How funny is the pic, how contrasting it is to see the little boy and a big man. He was stoked to get his own stick of treat!


I'm glad that we organised this for the kids and they had fun. To sum it up? This finale pic says it all.

Thumbs up!

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